Revealing Module + Angular

Revealing Module + Angular

Recently, I've been getting deep into JavaScript.  It was my first programming language many years ago.  Since then, some extremely interesting patterns and practices have emerged.  As a primarily C# developer, I looked into the Revealing Module pattern as a way to ease myself back into JS coding in an OOP-friendly way.  

At work, I'm currently building a multi-module JS app with RESTful backend, using Google's AngularJS library for only one of the modules.  I was worried about how it would act when integrated with an app that also makes use of jQuery and Bootstrap.  As it turns out, it's totally fine!  This post is an overview of my approach to modularizing Angular functionality.

If you're the kind of person who likes to dig into the code before hearing the explanation, here's  a fiddle that contains everything I'll be talking about.

This post does assume some basic knowledge of how to set up an Angular app.  Instructions for that part can be found here on Angular's own tutorial.

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